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About me

Born in 1973 and grown up in the surroundings of city of Frankfurt/Main I decided after my apprenticeship as a tax assistent to study Business Adminstration in Fulda in 1999. I graduated with a diploma in 2005. Besides my studies I was helping a friend to setup professional firework displays and got involved in the model rocket hobby scene. Now, around twenty years later I am running my own fireworks company and I am working as an IT consultant for the finanical industry in Frankfurt/Main.

Some milestones from my rocket-life:

Starting my first model rocket kit, an Estes Alpha Starter Kit in 1999, with a self built electronic launch controller with remote control.

September 2000 at Wertingen/Bavaria: Passing the test for the official license to buy HPR motors in Germany.

Later then the models went bigger. Attending an ARGOS clublaunch in Kaltbrunn/Switzerland in 2001.

Launch of my PML Miranda on a AT H123 after passing my Tripoli L1 certification at ARGOS clublaunch in Switzerland 2001.