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BSD Diablo 5.5

Another big project was a BSD Diablo 5.5. I purchased the kit directly from BSD High Power Rocketry 2006 in the US. The kit was easy to built and was already complete with decals. BSD manufactured the best rockets kits on the market that time and for resonable price. I was planning to fly this kit with dual deplayment but in the end I had not enough space for two chutes and a big motor. Also it was not easy (and short big rockets are never easy to fly) to make it stable. I needed to put a 1.3kg mixture of resin and sand in the nosecone to push the center of pressure a bit more away from the center of gravity to have safe and stable flight with a big 54mm motor.

Here are some Pictures from the Assembling:

I decided to fly it on a Aerotech J275-W at RJD 2006. A great 54mm motor with 3.3s burntime and over 700Ns of thrust. Predicted altitude of the flight was about 1500 meters. The rocket weighted about 5,7kg fully loaded.

As you can see on the pictures (Thanks to Tom Stach for these awesome picture series!) it was a beautiful flight but I wanted to safe some bucks on the shroudlines and took cheaper ones. So due to bad (or not appropriate) quality of the shroud lines the motor ejection burned through it. The nosecone separated and the chute went away at about 1000 meters by the thermic air and was not seen again. The rest of the rocket was coming in ballistically. Fortunately the nosecone was separated from the rocket body, so I could recover the body nearly undamaged. The nosecone needed to be digged out ouf 50cm deep soil, but was (besides the paint) also in good shape as it was nearly solid filled with resin and sand.

The Diablo 5.5 may fly again in 2019.

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