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Schlagwort: Rebel

Level 2 Project: Rebel Buccaneer 4.0

One of my largest project so far was a kit from Rebel Rocketry established by Frank De Brouwer in the Netherlands: The Buccaneer 4.0. Built and glassed in nearly one week with the major help from Rolf Stabroth from Halberstadt,the rocket got flight ready on September 2nd, 2003.

Logo from Rebel Rocketry – company has been closed a couple of years ago.

After the successful first flight at ALRS IV in Switzerland in 2003 I got my Tripoli Level 2 certification to buy motors up to category L.

Since that time the Buccaneer had a lot of succesful flights. The motor size was limited due to the motor-mount size of 38mm. But two years later the Buccaneer went off on the biggest available motor for 38mm motor-mounts, an Aerotech J570 White Lightning motor. Beautiful flight to about 1800 Meters and came back with dual deployment at Feilenmoos/Manching xperimental launch.

Last flight before her retirement was at RJD 2017 on an Aerotech J350-W with media coverage by N24. Roared up to about 1200 meters and came back with two chutes and dual deployment. Unfortunately it hits the near lake digged for extracting sand from soil. The built in electronic got damaged due to the humidity but the model could be recovered safely.

The link to N24 mediathek:


Then Rolf „Rolli“ Stabroth convinced and helped me to renew the Buccaneer again for a last flight on RJD 2018 on a J350-W again. The flight was perfect but the model hit the near lake again. Due to major luck the model did not sink and hit the sand shore in shallow water so I could recover it without using a boat. After disassembling the model it turned out that the electronic has been damaged by the water. Time to retire the Buccaneer finally after 15 years on duty.

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